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It’s been a while…

I once had a love for writing. I once had a love for putting together websites. I once had a lot of time on my hands. Time marched on and I found that some of those things went by the wayside and I found myself missing them.

At one time this site was one of the more visited mountain bike related sites in Michigan. It was a very different time. My kids were all young. Almost all handlebars were skinny. There was a new trend int he sport called freeriding. I don’t think GoPro had even been invented at that point. Guys rode together and took pictures of everything. In that time, I was writing and shooting pictures like crazy. I had a lot to share. Unfortunately there were some events that just left me tired and in that time the site lapsed and barely any content was added.

I tried to just change the format and just blog a little. I got very busy in life, and felt like I didn’t have as much to say. Honestly, I was just being dumb. There are so many things in life worth sharing. It may just be a picture or a funny story, but if it touched you in some way, it may touch someone else. I find enjoyment out of sharing things with people and I missed doing so. That’s why I want to keep going. Will it ever be the same? No. This is an action world now. There are little cameras people wear on their heads and I like still shots. I’m also nearly 20 years older and can’t do all of the same things I used to. I also have a number of interests that I want to share about.

With that, I am just a man on a journey who will be sharing about it from time to time. If you come along at any point, I hope I share something that brings a smile, or encourages you along the way.