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Oldest Picture Evidence for the Site

So, I am in the process of consolidating a lot of my old pictures… If you’ve known me for any length of time, you know this is going to take a while. I have thousands and thousands of old pictures. One thing I neglected to do in all that time was document the site along the way. I really wish I had some of that back. I know I originally started this site as “the Freeriders Journal” in or around 1998 after I broke my neck. I believe it was 1999 that I bought this domain. I wish I had screenshots for all of the versions of the site along the way, but I don’t…

What I do have though, is a lot of pictures. I also have a father who owns a vinyl graphics cutter and made me decals for the site. As I was cleaning up my old pictures I found some of the oldest pictures with decals on them dating back to 2003.

I believe this P.1 was from 2001 The pic is newer, but that decal was on it the whole time.
These mud machines were shot in 2003.
This was from an urban ride in 2003.