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Little Sends

So, a long time ago I used to send it. I used to go really big. I used to fly. There was very little I was actually afraid of when I got on two wheels.

Then I got a little older. I was riding different bikes. I wanted to be like Nacho in Nacho Libre, and wanted “a little taste of the glory. See what it tastes like…” And that didn’t work out so well. I ended up breaking my neck in my return to BMX.

Over the years I got a little of my original mojo back. I began hitting jumps and drops in my rides again. I did a lot of early freeriding and downhill. The fun factor went up. But then I noticed that my belly was getting a little bigger, so I began riding a lot of XC. What happened after that was injury after injury. So, going for the fitness factor did not work out so well for me.

That’s when I decided I am just going to ride the way I like to. I don’t fit into any real mold on a bike, and nor should I. Sometimes I like to ride distances. Sometimes I like to session sections over and over just to smile. One day ride the fat bike, while the other ride the enduro. Ride a trail for the smiles and not the times. If I see something I want to try on a ride, try it.

The catch to this is that I don’t know many who like to ride like this so I only use Strava to prove I actually do exercise, and to pinpoint where I am. I know a few people follow me on there, but I am sure they aren’t impressed with my stats. What I appreciate though, is that the cycling community, for the most part, is an encouraging group. I can’t do the things I used to do. I am nowhere near as fit or fast as I once was. I ride for me. I am big, fat, slow, but love the feeling of little things that put a smile on my face. I love those little moments in time that remind me of the joy of my two wheels.