I wanted to take a minute to share with you a little piece of equipment that I am using for cell phone video. One of the two things that really enhance your cell phone videos, whether you are vlogging, creating cinematic art, or just recording videos for family keepsakes, is audio quality. This kit comes with a little mic that is very powerful and does a great job! It is a small mic that doesn’t get in the way of your videos because it is mounted on a shoe above the phone. It connects to the phone very easily via a small cable.

The other thing that can really enhance your videos is stabilization. With smart phones advancing as they have been, they are more easy to carry than cameras, so having a nice, lightweight tripod with a mount that can also convert into a small selfie stick really comes in handy. Videoing with a handle on your camera really improves the stability of the shot you get, and this tripod with mount is very solid and assists in getting greater stability and quality.

I took a little time to put together a product review to share with everyone. I hope you all find it helpful.