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Happy Michigan Mountain Biking Day

On Saturday, June 22, I learned that there is now a Michigan Mountain Biking Day. This is from the post:

“Happy Michigan Mountain Biking Day!

LANSING — State Rep. Sara Cambensy (D-Marquette) introduced House Resolution 138 today to declare June 22 as Michigan Mountain Biking Day to recognize the state’s many trails and destinations, as well as Michigan’s commitment to supporting and encouraging outdoor activities. With over 1,300 miles of mountain biking trails scattered throughout the state, Michigan is widely regarded as the ‘Mountain Biking Capital of the Midwest.’ The resolution passed unanimously.

“What started as a grass roots effort, by several pockets of local advocates, has become a powerhouse recreational industry, attracting thousands of people to numerous biking events and activities in our state every year,” said Rep. Cambensy. “Enjoying the outdoors is a fundamental part of who we are as Michiganders, and I’m proud to recognize the role mountain biking has played in bolstering our local communities and businesses.”

Michigan offers a unique variety of trail challenges that bring together every type of biker from beginners to world champion racers. The Upper Peninsula is also home to two International Mountain Bicycling Association Ride Centers, in Copper Harbor and Marquette, both recognized for their exemplary design and incredible rider experience. More than 20,000 bikers flock to Copper Harbor alone each year to enjoy its trails.

“Michigan Trails and Greenways Alliance is pleased to help Rep. Cambensy celebrate Mountain Biking in Michigan with the first Michigan Mountain Biking Day Resolution. As the statewide voice for all non-motorized trail users in Michigan we recognize the significant impact made by the Mountain Biking Community in helping Michigan to its national leadership role in miles of trails,” said Executive Director of Michigan Trails and Greenways Alliance Bob Wilson. “We commend Rep. Cambensy and the entire Legislature for their continued support for trails policy and funding and recognizing that non-motorized trails are the number one recreational need in Michigan!”

There you have it. June 22 is officially Michigan Mountain Biking Day. What better way to celebrate than to go out and get a bike ride in. I borrowed some pedals off one of my other bikes and put them on the fat bike (because it is still raining nearly every other day in Michigan) and went back to River Bends. Please like and subscribe to my YouTube channel. Thanks.