Things with 2 wheels.

Storms (Dirt Sermons 1)

I am in the middle of yet another storm in my life. Things are coming at me from all sides, and there seems to be no respite. I just want to run and hide. In today’s vlog I talk about storms in my life and how to deal with them.

A Little GoPro Quick Edit

I am actually going to share this in a better format, but I wanted to play with GoPro Quick software, so here si the automated edit of my Fat Bike Enduro Play Day.

Little Sends

So, a long time ago I used to send it. I used to go really big. I used to fly. There was very little I was actually afraid of when I got on two wheels. Then I got a little older. I was riding different bikes. I wanted to be like Nacho in Nacho Libre, …

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