Ok, I am finally posting details about the Fat Pusher Challenge from my other recent post HERE. Just to bring everyone up to speed, in that video I opened up about being a really big guy, and issued two challenges to us all. The First challenge is simple. The “Fat Friendly” Challenge: Simply to be […]

Torn Shirt

Torn Shirt is a really well known technical trail in Brighton State Park. I had the chance to ride it the other day. Did I want to tear my shirt????

I Open Up and Issue Two Challenges

On today’s vlog I open up about being a big rider. I will be talking about my health journey a little more, and trying to offer some encouragement to bigger guys like me. I will be writing more on this topic, but for now, please watch the video, like it at Youtube, share it with […]

Be There

I went out for a ride the other day. I was really hoping to be alone to ride, get my frustrations out, and to pray. My plans got changed after an encounter. In this Dirt Sermon I look at this experience in light of 1 Timothy. Paul encourages Timothy to be ready “in season” and […]

Keeping Up With The Kathryn

If you’ve ever wondered how, of if you should try to spend time with your older children by taking them mountain biking, then this video is for you. How do you get them to go? You ask. Why do you get them to go? To have adventures together. All of my children have been biking […]

Taking a Look at the Tree Farm

The Lakeshore Park trail, or more commonly known as the Tree Farm, is a really fun rolling xc trail. In my last post I shared a little about the skills park, and today I take a look at the trail itself. I like this trail for it’s turns and use of space. Several sections are […]

Lakeshore Park aka Novi Tree Farm Skills Park

I got a chance to spend some quality time working on my mountain bike skills by riding the wooden features and the pump track at Lakeshore Park, aka the Novi Tree Farm in Novi, MI. I had a great time on the skinnies. It seemed I wasn’t the only one who wanted to play as […]