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The Last One

My wife and I have four children that we love very much. Each one is unique. We are very thankful for them. We watched all of their firsts. Each of the first steps, words, days of school, were all special.

What I didn’t consider in watching these was that there would be “lasts” too. We got through some of them together so far in this journey. 4 last days of home education have happened. 4 last piano and voice recitals as children have happened.

Last night we got to experience a new last. Our oldest daughter, Princess Penelope P. Buttercup, is about to graduate from Wayne State. Last night was her last Choral Union, Concert Chorale, and all of that, performance. It was bittersweet. I was watching with joy, but realizing that these performances will be over. The good thing for us is that she is very involved in our worship team, so we will always get to hear her, but it is still sad nonetheless to know that we won’t be going to WSU for these types of performances.

I love you Pumpkin and I am very proud and honored to witness nearly every one of these over the years.

I share with you the last one. h

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